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Mindful Parenting Groups

I facilitate mindful parenting groups at the Wellbaby Center in Mar Vista.  I have trained with Diane Reynolds and received a level 1 certification in mindful parenting.  I have run these groups for over three years and have seen the support parents get from the weekly exploration of their child's behavior and how it impacts them.

If you are curious about mindful parenting, call me at 310-621-7476.


Mindful Support Groups

I facilitate mindful support groups at the Happy Baby Center in El Segundo.  The emphasis is similar to the mindful parenting groups, and as alway my training as a therapist informs my work, however, these groups are more fluid in their format and discussion topics.  I also offer these groups privately if a minimum of 8 parents can be put together.

If you have questions about how to attend, please call me at 310-621-7476.


Second Time Mama's Groups

I run a group at the Happy Baby Center in El Segundo for mama's on their second baby.  We focus on what is challenging about this transition, how the marriage is impacted, how to help the older sibling, how to handle mama guilt, and what you remember about your own sibling relationship that was wonderful but also what you want to do differently. 

If you would like to here more, please call me at 310-621-7476.

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