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Parenting skills - Saturday Workshops


Loving Discipline


This is a 4 hour Saturday workshop that I teach at the Wellbaby Center in Mar Vista.  It is a workshop designed to take parents through four main categories of raising children; their development, their language, what happens when there is a rupture or a conflict, and lastly parental burnout.  This workshop is taught every couple of months.  Please check the Wellbaby website for the dates of our next workshops:


The Sibling Relationship


For many parents, the shock of how different it is going from three to four, can lead them to want to know how to help their first child adapt and in the process they learn how to reconfigure their family.  The sibling workshop is taught on a Saturday afternoon at the Happy Baby center in El Segundo.  It is a 3 hour workshop that covers three main areas of supporting the sibling relationship; firstly, what is happening in the mind of the first child when a baby comes home; understanding how this transition impacts them. Secondly, how to help them resolve conflict which research now shows builds intimacy.  Lastly, how to build a lasting and close bond between your children and yourselves.  


Often how we handle conflict is at the heart of our relationship struggles.  Using the tools of conflict resolution and the research on rupture and repair you will learn how to teach your children not to be afraid of conflict but how, in fact, if handled correctly, it can bring you closer. 


This workshop is taught every couple of months.  For more information please go to


Conscious Discipline:


This workshop is a three hour workshop that I teach at the happy baby center in El Segundo.  This workshop focuses on the early years and how the process of setting limits with a child can lead to much frustration in the parent.  We will cover important modules that will help you understand what is happening from the child’s perspective as well as what might be coming up for you, the parent. 


Through evidence based research on child development, neuroscientific research which increases our understanding of the young child’s brain, as well as rupture and repair, this workshop is informed by decades of study of children under five and how we can help them integrate positive learning experiences during a difficult period of development and growth.


This workshop is taught every couple of months.  You can find information on the dates of the next workshop at

If I can answer any questions or if you are ready to schedule an appointment, please call my office 310-621-7476 or click here to send me an email

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